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Mona Saheli fine art jewelry

“My pieces are designed to be just one element in the visual story a person tells about themselves as they present their individuality and uniqueness.  Statement that I’m trying to make with my jewellery is simply about personal expression.”


- Mona

Mona was born and raised in Tehran, Iran. Her designs reflect the ancient and rich Persian culture that she grew up with. Mona’s interest in art began at a young age as a way to define and express her inner development and the complex relationship between the personal world and the one outside. After completing a degree in Computer Engineering in Tehran she decided to pursue her passion for art as jewellery. She spent several years studying Jewellery Design, Gemmology, and gem cutting in diverse locations such as Iran, the U.K., and Thailand. Mona believes that her experiences abroad have deeply influenced her ideas of design.


After moving to Canada, Mona was drawn to the rich and vibrant cultural environment in the city of Montreal where she opened a studio and launched her brand. The blending of old world architecture and history with new world ethos and design allowed her to expand her artistic focus and reach a new level with her jewellery design.


Following 8 successful years of growth in Montreal Mona relocated to Vancouver, British Columbia, where she resides and works today. The abundant beauty and influence of its verdant nature and the shining modernity of the city has added more depth and detail to her work.


Mona believes that jewellery can be more than an object of fashion, but can be poetry that you wear. There is a story behind each of her designs, and each line, curve and shape has meaning.


She designs jewellery to capture the essence of one’s deep emotional world, and strives to distill the complexity of this expression through gracefully flowing lines and natural reflections. She collects ideas from her world travels, borrows the influence of ancient Persian culture and architecture, and expresses herself with the flow and beautiful logic of nature.


Mona believes jewellery should not be worn just because it is beautiful. To her it should be an expression in art, a reflection of one’s character and expression of one’s inner world.

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